Installing Raider

The package is available in the Python Package Index, so to install the latest stable release of Raider just use the command pip3 install --user raider


Raider was developed on Python 3.9 and it wasn’t tested yet on older versions, so it might have incompatibility issues.

If you feel adventurous and want to build Raider from source, you can do so. You will need to do that anyways if you want to contribute to the development.

First start by clonning the repository with git clone

Using a python virtual environment is recommended to avoid weird issues with python incompatibilities when working on the code. However you can still use pip3 install . in the project’s directory to install the package locally.

If you choose to use the virtual environment, install poetry since that’s how Raider was developed.

Once poetry is installed, you can prepare the virtual environment and switch to it to work with Raider:

cd raider
poetry install
poetry shell

And now you’re working inside the virtual environment, and Raider should be available here.